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Demystifying Web 2.0 Tools for VolCom Groups: Blogs, RSS, Tagging, Wikis and Beyond

Slides and game by Beth Kanter and David Wilcox on January 15 2007 at the UK circuit rider conference. Thanks to those who provided examples ... let me know if I've missed yours, or you have further ideas. You can add comments through the discussion tab at the top of pages.

We said before the event:
You may have heard the words, but what do they really mean for nonprofit organizations? This session introduces the concepts and tools behind the next generation of internet technologies or what has been dubbed "Web.2.0" or "Social Media." We’ll do some live demos of these tools, discuss their potential to enhance our work, along with some of the concerns they raise. You’ll come away with a basic understanding of and context for the words that are buzzing around us, along with references for continued exploration.
(90 minute session done twice - once before lunch and once after on Monday, Jan. 15)
Here's how it went. Beth cut down the presentation, and used pages on this wiki - see below. We then ran the social media game. I've also blogged a report here.

Reports from Game

Here's the general instructions for the game. We cut back the range of cards a bit for this event, and asked groups to focus on one of three challenges
  • Improving internal communications
  • Improving external communications and engagement
  • Using social media as an individual - maybe a circuit rider, for example
Here's reports from morning and afternoon sessions, prepared on the spot.

Session 1

Session 2

Here's the presentation material that Beth used to lead a discussion about using social media tools before the game sessions.

1. Introduction (5-7 min)

2. Three Caveats (5-7 min)

3. Web 2.0, Social Media, Participatory Media concepts (10 min)

4. Is web2.0 for you or your org? (5-7 min)

5. Scenario Game (25 min)

6. Tools (30 min)

Personal Knowledge
Personal Blog RSS Tagging/Social Bookmarking
Internal information sharing
Wiki Tagging/Social Bookmarking Photo Sharing/Video IM/Skype
External communication and engagement with stakeholders
Organizatonal Blog Tagging Photo Sharing Social Networking RSS Video Widgets (fundraising) Virtual Worlds

Tool List
* Tagging/Social Bookmarking
* Widgets
* Virtual Worlds/Second Life

7. Wrap Up (5 min)

A Big Thank You To Holly Ross at NTEN and Katya Andresen from NetworkforGood for sharing their Powerpoint Slides on this topic with us and letting us walk the walk of open source thinking. Also many thanks to everyone who left comments, pointers, or sent links our way that we've incorporated into this material.